The new lens has exactly the same optical design as its fully manual predecessor, but also features the ability to control the aperture directly from the camera body. The only difference is in the number of aperture blades which is not seven but five compared to the manual version of the lens.

Looking at the physical dimensions, it is clear that they could not remain the same. So, the lens has a 3 mm larger diameter and is 7 mm shorter compared to the manual version. The weight has dropped to 150g thanks to the design optimization, compared to the manual version by 20 grams.

Nothing has been lost in image quality, apart from the difference in bokeh due to the change in aperture design. Many will argue that the aperture control on the body or lens is insignificant, otherwise those who need to use the lens on a drone or gimbal will already see this, wherever electronic aperture adjustment is relevant.

If you are interested in the lens, the price of the new version of the lens with electronic aperture is expected to be 549$, which means the price without national taxes i.e. VAT, MwSt ...