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Novoflex QPL AT 2, 70mmNovoflex QPL AT 2, 70mm

Novoflex QPL AT 2, 70mm

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Special quick-release plate with locking pins to prevent the plate from rotating.
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Quick release attachmentQuick release attachment

Quick release attachment

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Quick-release attachment with 1/4 "thread for attaching accessories such as lights, monitors, microphones, etc.
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Peak Design Standard Plate (Arca)Peak Design Standard Plate (Arca)

Peak Design Standard Plate (Arca)

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Standard Plate is a quick-release plate supplied with the Capture holder. It is compatible with most ARCA tripods, can be inserted into the…
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Peak Design Anchor MountPeak Design Anchor Mount

Peak Design Anchor Mount

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Attach the Peak Design strap (or any other photo neck strap) directly to the bottom of the camera - in the least conspicuous and…