Delivery to the address by courier DPD

We use DPD couriers for delivery to addresses within EU countries.
The goods are delivered in 2 - 5 working day after dispatching the shipment.
At the time of shipment, you will receive information about the delivery of your package by e-mail.
When using this method of transport, it is necessary to enter a telephone number where you can be reached.
The carrier delivers shipments from Monday to Friday. The courier will contact you on the day of delivery and it is possible to agree on a more precise delivery date. The courier will help you deliver the parcel to the first lockable door.

How to choose the right carrier?

Our many years of experience and above all the statistics are very clear, everything is decided by the "last mile". What does that mean?

Customer satisfaction depends primarily on the last carrier, the driver, the final handover into your hands. It's the most expensive and challenging part of the transport for the carrier and it's also the part where the most things can go wrong. Because the logistics processes, the debas, the sorting plants, the collection lines are all worked out to the last detail by all carriers, but the image of the carrier is the last driver on your last mile.

It's true, it depends on the person, the last one, and let's face it, all it takes is one change of driver on the delivery line at your handover point and suddenly the company is somehow working better or worse. No! The driver is more polite, more skillful or just the opposite.

That's why it's our policy to offer a wide range of carriers so that you can choose your favourite driver - John, Benjamin, Curtis ...

  • Try to use a carrier whose deliveries you are satisfied with.
  • If you're in a place where you've never had anything shipped to you, ask around to see who they're happy with.
  • Keep in mind that a €1 difference in shipping costs is not worth a whole day of ruining your day. We always try to have the best shipping prices.

    How to help fast handover?

    • Use carrier apps or web links
      Carriers are improving the final delivery experience, e.g. DPD allows you to see where the courier is, send them a message to make the delivery easier for each other.
      Did you know that the last metres of delivery can cost the carrier up to 55% of the calculated shipping cost? That's all the more reason to invest in the convenience and efficiency of this part of the delivery.

    • Courier = human
      Even couriers are only human, they make between 80 and 200 deliveries a day, and that's a lot of work. Be nice to them.
      You know that being helpful never remains a one-sided act, even if it doesn't necessarily help you right away, next time the courier will try that much harder.

    • Prefer to pay for the goods directly in the shop
      Prefer to pay directly at the time of purchase, no courier likes to come with a bundle of cash.
      Did you know that the courier's operating rules force him to abort the journey for safety reasons and hand over the sales to the nearest bank? That too has less time to be delivered.

    • Get your cash ready
      When you do decide to cash on delivery, have cash ready or pay by credit card.
      Did you know that if it takes a courier just 30 seconds to exchange cash with each customer, that's an hour of time for the courier's entire day?