Product warranty

We strive to buy quality products for you from reputable manufacturers, we prefer A quality production and component base. We take great care in internal audit of complaint feedback and we eliminate items with above average complaint frequency from our offer. It's cheaper for us but most importantly for our customers. From history, we can guarantee that we do not hesitate to remove a product from the rangeeven if it is a premium Canon product.

If you still need to claim any of the photo equipment you have purchased from us? No problem! The entire claims process as we have set it up for you is a breeze.

Rely on us to do our best for your claim and most importantly ... quickly!

There are basically 3 possible routes for your claim

  1. Sending the goods to the address of Fotoobchod, s.r.o., Mánesova 864, 339 01 Klatovy
    • You can send any claim for goods purchased from us directly to us.
  2. Sending to an authorized service
    • This is a quicker way of resolving a complaint than sending it to our complaints department. You will reduce the travel time to and from us to the service department. However, if you prefer to communicate with us, send the goods to us.
    • We are authorized dealers of all the brands we offer, so full support from authorized service centers is available to you.
    • List of brands and addresses of authorized service centers with a description of the complaint procedure.
  3. Claims in person at the Fotoobchod, s.r.o.
    • You can settle any complaint in person at our office.

Procedure in 3 steps

  1. Complaint LogFill out one of the forms XLS or PDF
  2. Attach a document proving the identity of the product, a warranty press with the serial number is sufficient. You do not need to attach an invoice, just the document number
  3. Place the form with any proof in the shipment
  4. Send to Fotoobchod, s.r.o. - REKLAMACE, Mánesova 864, 339 01 Klatovy

Performance of your complaint

Whether the complaint is justified or not is judged by the manufacturer, through an authorized service, the importer of the goods or an authorized person. It shall always issue a written statement of its opinion. Of course, this is paperwork, but we will take care of this for you so that everything goes perfectly.

If the claim is justified, we will send you a repaired product, a new piece or refund you by bank transfer to your bank account within 2 working days of the decision. In addition, you are entitled to a reasonable amount of postage for a legitimate complaint.

If you have not found answers to your questions about the process and handling of your claim in the summary information above, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at or call us on +420 376 326 776.

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