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Hähnel Module SoftboxHähnel Module Softbox

Hähnel Module Softbox

Usual availability 10 days
34,99 € excl. VAT 37,49 €
The Hähnel Softbox module provides diffused light for any style of photography. It allows photographers to control the amount of light…
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Hähnel Module Light Effects KitHähnel Module Light Effects Kit

Hähnel Module Light Effects Kit

Usual availability 10 days
40,83 € excl. VAT 44,16 €
A package full of everything you need to improve and enhance your photo. This kit is compatible with Hähnel MODUS Speedlights, but can also…
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B.I.G. FMD1 Flash MagDome KitB.I.G. FMD1 Flash MagDome Kit

B.I.G. FMD1 Flash MagDome Kit

Usual availability 8 days
26,95 € excl. VAT
Universal device for forming light from system flashes. Whether soft all-round light with a diffuser or directional light with a honeycomb…
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Lastolite LA2430, Trigrip BracketLastolite LA2430, Trigrip Bracket

Lastolite LA2430, Trigrip Bracket

Usual availability 4 days
130,41 € excl. VAT
Holder for TriGrip for working with ambient light or in conjunction with a battery-powered external flash. The holder serves as a mounting…