Benro is a leading manufacturer of top-quality tripods and a leader in promoting the most technologically advanced materials, which will be appreciated by anyone who does not want to fall from exhaustion under a sturdy but heavy tripod on their photographic travels. From Gimbal heads to the latest quick release plate, you will find all the accessories for tripods. Also very attractive is the range of photographic backpacks, which the company produces with the same vigour as its tripods.

BENRO PRECISION INDUSTRIAL CO. LTD. is located in Tanzhou District, Zhongshan City of the southern Guangdong Province, which is the most developed industrial area in China. For those who are not familiar with this continent, it is an hour's drive from Hong Kong.

The company was established in cooperation with a Japanese company in 1995. It began production with professional photographic tripods. After the successes the company had experienced by 2002, it decided to combine excellent quality with one brand name, which became Benro. Benro then accelerated its success in the product lines of professional tripods and heads. Huge investments in the latest machinery and tools needed for precision machining and, last but not least, in highly skilled staff, Benro's investments have paid off many times over. These successes have resulted in a strong presence in the demanding European and American markets. In 2008, Benro built a 65,000 m2 factory, of which only 35,000 m2 is its own production area. For those who like comparisons, this means 6 football fields of machinery and equipment needed to produce various parts for Benro tripods.

During the development process, Benro has won many exhibition and other prestigious awards for best quality, performance and value. Thus, quality and precision literally exceeds expectations. Since 2004, the company has been awarded many patents for its innovative tripod heads, which was only the result of persistent and hard work to perfect its tripod lines. This year is also the year when Benro started to make a massive mark in the minds of users in Europe and had to be taken seriously by competing manufacturers. In 2005, in collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency, BENRO developed the first basalt tripod, again demonstrating the strength of Benro's development and innovative design internationally.

Since 2010, the company has invested in the development and production of backpacks and bags, which are gaining popularity as fast as tripods did years ago. The quality of workmanship, value for money, durability backed by a long warranty will appeal to any professional photographer.

Benro continues to strive for a leading position in the professional tripod market, through their lighter weight, maximum strength and flawless performance. Benro's mission is simple, 100% professional, 100% guaranteed and 100% exceed the photographer's requirements.

Thanks to its successful focus on quality and investment in development, the company has been able to afford to invest in the development of steaming filter layers since 2012 and to launch a completely new line in the spirit of the latest photographic filter production technologies. The "simple" strategy of buying the copyrights of the best technologies and, if not, investing in their development, has moved this manufacturer practically overnight to the position of a leader in the photographic filter segment. The simple tactic is once again celebrating success and Benro is completely ignoring tradition in the filter segment and not only that, thanks to huge investments in development it is starting to pull it off. You can find the filters of the manufacturer Benro in three qualities under the trade name Benro and Vü, it produces polarizing, UV, neutral gray and finally square glass filters in neutral gray and neutral transition filters , where it is already completely out of any threat to the top of the segment in terms of performance price ratio.

An interesting new segment of the field is aluminium and carbon slides and cranes in load capacities up to 20kg, which are produced in designs for amateur use to purely professional video production.

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Benro GH2 second-handBenro GH2 second-hand

Benro GH2 second-hand

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