Peli™ Case 1690 Case without Foam (Black)

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Peli™ has been developing and manufacturing safety products for over 30 years. The subsidiary is based in California, USA. Due to global demand, Peli™ has expanded its production to Europe, specifically to Crottendorf, Germany. Of course, the manufacturer Peli™ wants to keep everything under its strict control, so the development and design of the products come exclusively from the company's headquarters in the USA. The premium quality of Peli™ suitcases for the European market is ensured by the German precision in Crottendorf.

The Peli™ suitcases are highly durable and designed for rough handling in extreme conditions. Thanks to their features, Peli™ cases are used by emergency services all over the world, police, firefighters and the military know that the instruments stored in Peli™ cases are perfectly safe in any situation. The cases can be safely used in a temperature range of -23.3°C to +98.8°C.

Give your technology the highest level of safety without compromise

Main advantages of Peli™ Cases:

  • ideal for transporting any electronics or other products that cannot tolerate rough handling and moisture
  • impact resistant, waterproof, dustproof, chemical and corrosion resistant
  • case organizer or foam case filler for the most precise and gentle storage of your customized equipment
  • a wide selection of sizes and colours of Peli™ cases

Peli featuresThe durability of Peli™ trunks is due to the combination of copolymers and homopolymers using open cell core construction and solid walls, which makes Peli™ trunks lighter and more durable than when using solid core wall construction. High-strength stainless steel pins are used in the hinges and handles for maximum strength.

Watertightness is ensured by a spring-groove design with a polymer O-ring that acts as a waterproof seal (1)

Double latches are now much more sophisticated and easier to open. It is a classic "C" clamping design with a second movement that acts as a lever to release the latch and which offers enough leverage to open the trunk, all with only light pressure.

The Auto Pressure Equalization Valve relieves built-up air pressure and the Gora-Tex membrane also prevents water molecules from entering, making the case waterproof and easy to open.

Cross-linked padlock lugs The stainless steel used makes cutting the lugs or prying them open virtually impossible.

Case wheels Peli™ are made of Polyurethane, have stainless steel bearings with low friction resistance. The bearings are housed in a nylon centre, which is also resistant to high temperatures. Thanks to all these sophisticated details that we are already used to at Peli™, the wheels are virtually indestructible.

The handle of the case is rubberized and comfortably shaped, fixed with stainless steel pins.

Foam padding of Peli™ . Cases come standard with Pick N Pluck foam padding (except Micro Case Series cases, memory card cases, 1780W, 1780HL, and 1780RF). The 1700,1720,1750 cases come standard with a set of 3 foam fillers. Replacement foam padding is available for all models (with the exception of the memory card cases, i1010, i1030, i1015, 1055, and 1065). The cases are also available without foam, of course.

(1) Peli™ cases are waterproof to a depth of 1 meter (IP 67) for 30 minutes

Technical Specifications of the Peli™ Case 1690:

  • internal width (cm): 63.5
  • Inner length (cm): 76.2
  • Inner height (cm): 40,6
  • outer width (cm): 72,2
  • external length (cm): 84,7
  • external height (cm): 46,3
  • temperature minimum (°C): -40
  • temperature maximum (°C): +99
  • lid depth (cm): 7,3
  • Case depth (cm): 30,8
  • load capacity (kg): 186

Case 1690 Peli™ Case 1690 foam filler

We provide warranty and out of warranty service for Peli™ cases.

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Selected parameters
Color Black
Weight 16100 g
Total Volume 184.4 l
Wheels Yes
Interior Height 38,1 cm
Interior Width 63,5 cm
Interior Length 76,2 cm
Exterior Height 46,3 cm
Exterior Width 72,2 cm
Exterior Length 84,7 cm