Paolo Thierry
Paolo Thierry
Lighting & Studio Expert

"Polarizing film is usually used in a photographic studio to polarize the light source. In combination with a circular polarizing filter on the lens, you can control the light perfectly. You can easily control wanted and unwanted reflections and render the perfect photo of jewelry, drinks, glassware and allow for expressive creativity in every product photo. Polarizing foil or also film additionally finds a much wider application outside the photography studio. Thanks to its property of polarizing light, it solves problems in scanning labels on production lines, automated inspection of parts, helps robot cameras to more accurately identify the shape of the product, and finds its use in science for analytical purposes."

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B.I.G. polarizing foil linear 25x25 cmB.I.G. polarizing foil linear 25x25 cm

B.I.G. polarizing foil linear 25x25 cm

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Polarizing foil removes unwanted reflections when used. Suitable for photographing minerals and shiny objects.