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B.I.G. UCP-63 universal clamp tripodB.I.G. UCP-63 universal clamp tripod

B.I.G. UCP-63 universal clamp tripod

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Very robust metal clamp with many different mounting options: 4x per šroub "screw and 1x per ¼" thread. For clamping on objects up to 6 cm.…
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B.I.G. TH1 tablet holderB.I.G. TH1 tablet holder

B.I.G. TH1 tablet holder

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For tablets with a depth of 1.6 - 3 cm and a height of 15 - 25.8 cm with a 1/4 "thread, it allows you to securely mount the tablet on a…
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B.I.G. triangle for StrapB.I.G. triangle for Strap

B.I.G. triangle for Strap

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Set of 4 eyelets for attaching photographic equipment, binoculars and the like to straps.