Pavel Polášek
Pavel Polášek
Specialist of photo and video tripods section

"Photographic tripod heads are an integral part of tripods. Photographic tripod heads are of various types optimized for the photographic work. One type of photographic head is suitable for landscape work, wildlife and bird photography, another for studio work and a completely different one for panoramic shots. Choosing the right one is absolutely essential to make sure that your camera tripod with tripod head will serve you well and be a real help when shooting ...

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Benro GH2 second-handBenro GH2 second-hand

Benro GH2 second-hand

Usual availability 2 days
197,52 € excl. VAT
Head Type Gimbal
Payload 23 kg
Returned, condition as pictured, perfect 1A condition. Only 1 piece.